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In the election of June 2, 2020, the voters of Clay County voted in favor of the creation of a commission to frame a county constitution to be submitted to the voters of Clay County.

Under Missouri statutes, the commission must consist of fourteen people who are residents of the county and are equally divided between the two major political parties. The commissioners serve without pay.

The circuit court judges of Clay County have the responsibility to appoint the commission within (60) days of the certification of election results.

Those Clay County residents who want to be considered for appointment to the commission must submit an application which states that the applicant is willing to serve without pay during the one (1) year period the statues allow for the commission to frame a county constitution to be submitted to the voters. The applicant must declare which of the two major political parties the applicant would represent. The applicant should feel free to include a resume or curriculum vitae. The applications received will be public records.

The application should not suggest to the judges what provisions the applicant believes should be included in the county constitution.

Because of the limited time the circuit judges have to act, all applications must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m., Friday, July 10, 2020.

Applications are available at: Charter Application (PDF), email:, the Clay County Courthouse at the Circuit Clerk’s Office, or by phone 816 407-3988.

Applications may be submitted online at the above addresses or may be delivered to the address below:

Clay County Courthouse, Office of the Presiding Judge
Attn: Denise Banning, Executive Secretary
11 South Water, Room 4330
Liberty, MO 64068

For more information on the charter application, please visit the link below:

Applications are available at: