Calan T. McConkey, JD
Voucher Program Mediator
Photo of Calan T. McConkey

Contact Information

Address:Excelsior Springs
Email: calan at mcconkeybowen dot com


Weekdays and evenings by appointment


The following statement was provided by the mediator.

As a family law attorney for parents and as a Guardian ad Litem for children, I’ve seen first-hand the toll that the court process can take on everyone involved. With my experience helping parents and children I’ve also become a firm believer in avoiding litigation by attempting to resolve disputes with mediation. Mediation is an amazing tool that gives parties the opportunity and power to discuss -- and hopefully resolve -- the issues that matter most to them. While mediation may not solve every dispute, a successful mediation not only saves time and money but the parties also report being more satisfied with the outcome. As a mediator, my ultimate goal is to help the parties achieve a resolution that addresses not only the needs of the parents, but also those of the children

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