Jeanne McNabney, JD
Voucher Program Mediator

Contact Information

Telephone:816-781-4411 extension 5
Email: Mcnabneylaw at gmail dot com


Weekdays, Weekday evenings by arrangement


The following statement was provided by the mediator.

I approach mediation with the belief that people who mediate their agreements are far more invested in the outcome. Parents who participate in mediation are more likely to co-parent their children rather than engage in protracted, expensive battles over who is the better parent. I take a common sense approach and endeavor to help parents craft an outcome which will satisfy the top priorities of each. My many years as a domestic lawyer and Guardian ad litem and familiarity with commercial transactions qualify me to perform mediations for many types of cases. Ultimately I have found that mediation, even when it does not conclude the case, often delineates the issues leading to reduced discover, trial time and a better outcome overall.

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