Public Access Records

For agency users with valid passwords, click the link below to access our Public Access Records system.

When prompted, click on "Open or Run from current location".1

Requirements (Does not pertain to

  • A computer running Microsoft Windows XP or later2
  • An internet connection
  • If your computer is behind a firewall, you will require access to and TCP port 2100 3
  • To print, a local or network printer must be connected

About the Records

The following records are available.

TypeDates Available
Civil1978 - present
Criminal1995 - present
Probate1977 - present
Traffic1995 - present

1 The application may be downloaded to your local computer and run from there by right-clicking on the Agency Password Access link above, choosing to Save Target As..., and saving it to a location on your system. However, if you do this and in the future have problems connecting, please re-download the application from our website to make sure you have the latest version.

2 Macintosh computers are not currently supported, but may work with the use of a PC emulator.

3 Due to the vast amount of firewall packages available on the market today, we will not be able to help you configure your firewall package. If you believe your firewall package is preventing you from accessing our public records, please contact the vendor or the people who manage your firewall for support.