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Volunteer Training

The Transitions Family Visitation Center and the Office of Dispute resolution are looking for volunteers!

Date: Monday, September 12th
Time: 6pm-8pm
Location: Clay County Juvenile Office, 351 E Kansas St., Liberty, MO 64068

This training will train participants on becoming a Transitions supervised visit monitor and a community justice board volunteer.

What is Transitions?

The Transitions program is a service that provides a trained monitor in a secure location to facilitate court-ordered or court referred supervised visitation between parents and their children. Our primary focus is the emotional and physical safety of children involved in family visitation and custody issues. Transitions provides a neutral and safe environment for the parent and child can build a healthy relationship.

What is Community Justice Board?

Community Justice Boards use a “balanced and restorative approach” in which offenders, victims, and the community are involved in a non-adversarial process that seeks accountability and determines how to make things right. The community is both a client to be “repaired” and a resource to help with the reparation. Service on a Community Justice Board is one way to encourage offenders to be accountable for their offense and to avoid further offenses, thereby making the community a safer and better place to live.

If interested, please RSVP to Teri Hargrave at If you have any questions regarding Transitions, please contact Ashley Zugelter at If you have any questions regarding community justice boards, please contact Teri Hargrave at