C.A.S.A. Volunteers
What does a volunteer do?

CASA volunteers are men and women who want to help abused and neglected children in their community. They work for the judge, alongside attorneys, social workers, and the Juvenile Office as appointed officers of the Court. The CASA is required to do their own investigation of the case independent of Children's Division and the Juvenile Office.

The CASA concept is based on the commitment that every child has the right to a safe permanent home. CASA's are assigned to children who are victims of abuse and neglect. By handling only one or two cases at a time (compared to a social agency caseworker's average load of 60-90) the CASA volunteer has the time to explore thoroughly the history or each child they are assigned. The volunteer talks with the child, parents, family members, neighbors, school officials, doctors and others involved in the child's background who might have facts about the case. The CASA volunteer then reviews all records and documents pertaining to the child. He or she then submits a formal report to the court-recommending placement: should the child stay with his or her parents, be placed in foster care, residential care, or be freed for permanent adoption.