Child Support Department

Contact Information

To reach the Division of Child Support Enforcement call 866-313-9960.

To obtain child support payment information call 800-225-0530.

To reach the Family Support Payment Center call 888-761-3665.

Child support payments should be mailed to:

Family Support Payment Center
PO Box 109002
Jefferson City, Missouri 65110-9002


Name / DescriptionForm NumberLast RevisedFile Type
Affidavit for Termination of Child SupportCS9511/5/2013 PDF
Affidavit of Credit for Child Support and/or Maintenance Owed to Custodial Parent (Partial or Complete Satisfaction of Child Support Judgment Pursuant to Section 454.432, RSMo.)CS10011/5/2013 PDF
Form 14 Child Support Amount Calculation WorksheetCS019/4/2009 PDF
Income Withholding for Support  PDF
Income Withholding for Support - Instructions  PDF
Order of Emancipation - Other Children Remaining On Order4/15/2011 PDF
Order Terminating Maintenance5/3/2011 PDF
Order to Terminate Child Support9/12/2013 Microsoft Word

Additional court forms are available on the Missouri Courts website.

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