Local Court Rule
68.7 Parent Education Program - Attendance Required

68.7.1 All parents in a dissolution of marriage, legal separation or paternity action in which there are minor children shall be required to attend a Parent Educational Program. Petitioner shall attend within 45 days of the filing of the original petition and Respondent shall attend within 45 days after service of process. Parents may attend the court-sponsored program or any program approved by the Administrative Family Court Judge.

68.7.2 C.O.P.E., the court’s parent education parent program, will be conducted at the Juvenile Justice Center in Liberty, Missouri or at such other location as designated by the Administrative Family Court Judge. The classes will be conducted each week at a regularly scheduled time. Each parent shall be responsible for contacting the Parent Education Program Moderator regarding attendance, location and time of the class. Parents must attend the entire program to obtain a certificate of completion.

68.7.3 No dissolution of marriage, legal separation or paternity action involving minor children shall proceed to final hearing until there has been compliance with this order. The Administrative Family Court Judge may waive this requirement or the judge assigned to the case for good cause shown. Good cause does not include employment or work related conflicts.

68.7.4 The class attendance shall also be required in connection with motions to modify involving visitation or custody issues that are in dispute and motions for family access. Class attendance may be required as part of any Full Order of Protection in an adult abuse or child protection action.

68.7.5 The parties shall be required to sign a Certificate of Attendance that will be collected by the Moderator and thereafter filed with the Clerk of the Court showing that the attendance requirement was fulfilled.

68.7.6 The requirement of attendance for parents shall become effective January 1, 1996 to all cases still pending and to those cases filed after that date.

** 68.7.7 At the time of filing any case where attendance to C.O.P.E is required, the Circuit Clerk shall collect a fee of $60.00 for the parties to attend the C.O.P.E. class. Parties shall contact Family Court Services at the R. Kenneth Elliott Justice Center to enroll in a class. All fees shall be applied to the Family Services Justice Fund. (Effective February 1, 2010)

68.7.8 The fee schedule for parents and others may be reviewed and revised at any time necessary in the future.