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Program Description

C.O.P.E. is a two-hour orientation for parents of children under 18 with a pending dissolution or modification. Class topics include: how to keep your child safe and secure during and after separation; features of a parenting plan, how to manage conflict to reduce the impact on children, how to make the best of things in your control, and the use of mediation in resolving family disputes. NOTE: We also accept certificates from the "Focus on Kids" online program sponsored by the University of Missouri Extension Service. Additional fees will apply for the online program and you are responsible for filing the certificate with the court. Go to focusonkids.missouri.edu to register for the online program.

Additional Information

No child care is provided.

Seating starts 15 minutes before the program.


No additional fee required if case is filed in Clay County. If your case is filed in another county, a fee of $30 per parent is collected at the door. We accept cash or money order made payable to Family Court Services.

Program Dates and Times


If you and the co-parent are subject to an order of protection, please contact Family Court Services at 816-736-8400.

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