Things That Are Required To Complete Your Case
  1. Attend COPE program (Local Court Rule 68.7)
  2. If you are representing yourself, complete the Litigant Awareness Program (Court Rule 88.09 - see details below)
  3. Prepare and file a Statement of Income and Expenses (Local Rule 68.4) 1
  4. Prepare and submit a Form 14 (child support form) 1
  5. Develop and file a written Parenting Plan 1
  6. Attend mediation if you and the co-parent are not in agreement on all issues for the Parenting Plan (Local Court Rule 68.8)
  7. Final Hearing 1
  8. Entry of Judgment 1

Litigant Awareness Program

If you are representing yourself, take the Litigant Awareness Program on-line at There is no fee for this program. Be sure to print off the Certificate of Completion when you finish the program and file it with the Circuit Clerk. The program is also available in other formats. Contact Court Services at 816-736-8400 for more information.

Legal Forms

Your lawyer is the best source for legal forms tailored to your circumstances. Free standard forms approved by the Supreme Court are available at and

Mediation Services

You can find more information about mediation on the Office of Dispute Resolution Services webpage or contact Court Services at 816-736-8400.

1 Your lawyer will help you with this. If you are representing yourself as petitioner, you need to submit these forms to the circuit clerk. The judgment will be reviewed by a judge before a hearing date is set.