Virtual Visitation Handbook
Sample Court Order - Cooperative Parents

Each party may have reasonable telephone, email, video or other electronic contact with the child while the child is at the home of the co-parent, during reasonable hours, for as long as such contact is not disruptive to the child’s schedule. The court finds that it is in the best interest of the child for the parents to coordinate and share information regarding communication by these methods.

To facilitate contact with the child, each parent shall keep the co-parent advised of a current home address, telephone numbers (including cellular phone numbers), email addresses, IP addresses and other addresses at which electronic contact may be made, and advise the co-parent within forty-eight hours whenever a change is made or may occur. Each parent shall immediately advise the co-parent of any upgrade in equipment or electronic transmission service that would impact electronic communication or access between the co-parent and the child.

Options for providing equipment:

Option 1: Each parent shall provide [describe appropriate computer equipment and components], and a service plan for same, in their residence no later than [select a date]

Option 2: [Name of parent] shall provide [describe appropriate computer equipment and components], and a service plan for same, to be delivered to the residence of [name of co-parent] no later than [select a date]

Option 3: Each parent shall acquire [describe appropriate equipment and components] that interface satisfactorily to provide communication by the methods provided for herein. Thereafter [name of co-parent] shall be fully responsible for payment of all costs and expenses for necessary and desirable repairs, upgrades or replacements of hardware or software.

Each parent shall be responsible for the payment of all costs for [describe necessary quality of bandwidth, internet service or cell phone service necessary for operation] until further order of the court. Each parent shall be responsible for repair of non-functioning equipment within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed [specify time frame] and shall notify the co-parent of when electronic communication shall be restored.

The privacy of the parents and the child are of paramount concern. The parties shall undertake such parental control measures as will safeguard the child while engaging in internet activities but shall not interfere with the right of either parent to communicate with the child. Each parent shall refrain from monitoring computer or electronic communication activities, personally or through any third person or entity acting at the parent’s direction, that occur between the co-parent and any other person or entity.

Option for joint online webpage:

[Describe type of website] shall be created for the child by [name of parent], to include all current schedules, activities and information regarding the health and educational progress of the child and appropriate photographs of the child. The cost, if any, for the webpage shall be paid for by [name of parent(s)]. The webpage shall be maintained by [name of parent]. Both parents shall have complete access to the webpage.

Revised 7/12/11