Help with Forms

Searching for Forms

If you know all or part of the name or number of the form you need then use the Forms page to find it. This is available by choosing Forms from the Services drop-down menu on any page. Otherwise use the Search box at the top of any page. The Search box works best if you know a few of the words in the form or must guess. Please be aware that the Search box will return anything, including normal webpages, that matches your search words.

Opening Forms

Most of the forms on our site are in PDF (Portable Document Format) format. They are opened using using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. (Adobe Reader is available from Adobe's website.) Other PDF readers may also be used but please be aware that we only test with Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

Using Forms

Some of the PDF forms cannot be filled out online. You must print the form and fill it out by hand. Other PDF forms have fill-in fields which allow you to enter your information online and then print the form along with your input. (None of the fill-in forms allow you to save the information you enter.)

Fill-in forms contain many of the fields you encounter on webpages such as text boxes and checkboxes. They may also contain "strikeout boxes" which place x's over underlying text as you type. Strikeout boxes can be identified by their dashed borders.