Free Mediation for Small Claims
Photo of 2019 National Volunteer Week

Clay County Civil Mediators recognized for their service during National Volunteer Week (April 7-13, 2019). Last year, mediators conducted one hundred and five sessions with litigants in Small Claims and Landlord-Tenant cases, a majority of which reached agreement to settle their disputes.

Left to right, Row 1: Teri Hargrave (Program Coordinator), Greta Wills, Ginnie Crimmins, the Hon. Karen Krauser, Angie Atkinson, Jill Kirkpatrick, Dionne King. Row 2: Don Shank, Jim Stoufer, Philip Krause, the Hon. Lou Angles, Jackie Dunn, Jeff Kruse, Jim Donovan.


Parties in small claims cases are encouraged to try mediation. Mediation can be arranged on or prior to your court date by calling the Office of Dispute Resolution Services at 816-736-8402. Mediation is provided free.

"Mediation" is a non-binding process in which a mediator assists people to communicate and negotiate effectively as they explore options for resolving their dispute.

Mediation helps when …

  • you want to avoid the red tape, cost and delay of appeals and collecting on a judgment, or
  • you need an outcome beyond a simple judgment for money, or
  • you are not sure about the appropriate amount of damages (evidence needed to establish the "measure of damages" in court), or
  • you wish to make a payment arrangement, or
  • you want to preserve a relationship despite this dispute, or want to avoid the publicity of a judgment on the public record.

Rules of Mediation

For more information, contact:

Building:R. Kenneth Elliott Children's Justice Center
Address:351 East Kansas Street
Liberty, Missouri 64068
Email: teri dot hargrave at courts dot mo dot gov