SAFE Exchange Program

SAFE Exchange is a child-friendly monitored exchange program to help parents reduce the stress of custodial exchanges of their children. This is a free service offered by the Transitions Center, Inc. Exchanges take place at a neutral location monitored by a Transitions staff person. Arrival and departure times are staggered so that parents have no direct contact. Children are under the supervision of a person attentive to their needs while at the exchange site. Children are less anxious and more relaxed during departures and arrivals.

Families who benefit from SAFE Exchanges:

  • Conflict has been experienced during exchanges
  • Parents do not agree on exchange arrangements
  • Law enforcement has become involved in exchanges
  • Conflict has been experienced during exchanges
  • Parents are subject to an order of protection

SAFE Exchange services are free but you must pre-register to be scheduled for exchanges. There is a $20 intake fee per parent. Contact Transitions Staff at 816-736-8400.

Transitions SAFE Exchange locations:

  • Children's Justice Center, 351 E. Kansas, Liberty
  • Transitions Center, 9 S. Leonard, Liberty