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Criminal Department

Criminal Department

The Clay County Criminal Division is responsible for filing, processing and assessing court costs as well as maintaining records for the Clay County Court system related to Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Offenses.

A Criminal Case is filed by a charging document called an INFORMATION, AFFIDAVIT or a COMPLAINT. These are accompanied by a Probable Cause Statement (a report filed by the Officer at the scene - it is an accounting of the incident from the officer(s) and witness(es) perspective).

* If you received a TICKET, the ticket itself is the charging document; no matter what the charge is (i.e.: a DWI) your case will be handled by the Traffic Division.

**NOTE** Notify the Court if your address changes.


You may go to the Criminal Division to inform us of your new address. We will not change your address by phone, as we need to be sure YOU are the one making the change.

Important information may need to be mailed to you, such as a new court date and/or appearance time. Keep your address updated to ensure you receive all court related information.

** Should you fail to appear due to a notice being mailed to an inactive address, you WILL receive a Failure to Appear warrant.

You may go to the clerk’s office to inform us of your new address in person. We will not change your address by phone, as we need to be sure you are the one making the change. You may also mail us a change of address.


If you are/were incarcerated elsewhere at the time of your court date a Failure to Appear Warrant will STILL be issued; as you must appear in this court to address the charge in question. If you are able, you may send a Letter of Incarceration to this court, proving that you are/have been incarcerated at the time you were supposed to appear in this court. The Letter of Incarceration can be filed in your case showing that you did not willfully fail to appear.


Fax your request to (816) 407- 3899, Attention Records.

*NOTE* Closed records are only available to the Defendant of the case, or his or her attorney who represented him/her on that case. To access these records you must appear in person with your ID, or in the alternative, make a clear and legible copy of your State ID or Driver License and write out your request along with your contact information. This request MUST be notarized. Once notarized, fax your request to the above-mentioned number, Attention Records.

Criminal FAQs

How do I get a continuance?

You need to go to court and ask the Judge or contact your attorney if you have one.
Clerks in the Criminal Division are NOT allowed to grant continuances on criminal cases.


Typically, the first Court date after one has been arrested for the first time on a particular case is an arraignment. The arraignment is a hearing where the defendant is informed of the charges filed against him/her by the States Attorney. A plea of guilty or not guilty is typically entered at that time.


You may only post bond AFTER your warrant has been served upon you. typically, at a sheriff department oR police station. The warrant must be served to you before you can post a bond:
The Court cannot accept a bond payment.

  • You cannot post your bond online. If you do, it will be returned.
  • Your bond will not be returned to you until AFTER the disposition of your case.
  • AFTER you have been served your warrant and your bond has been posted, you will be given a court date and appearance time.


Your bond will be refunded ONLY after your case is finished, or by order of the Judge.
Once you your case is finished, court costs will be assessed for each individual case you may have. And any fee as well, for example a DWI charge may have had a recoupment fee request filed due to the law enforcement agency who may have had to perform a test, or perhaps restitution will be ordered due because of property damage.
< Your bond refund CANNOT be processed the day your case is disposed of. There is a process to follow. Many people have work to do to get it to the Criminal Division so that we may assess your costs as ordered by the Judge and then process your bond to apply it the fees assessed. This will at least take 7-10 days.
Stop by the Criminal Division to Fill out an envelope so that we can mail the remainder of your bond to you or if you would rather, leave your phone number on the envelope so we can call you when your check is ready for you to pick up.

BOND ASSIGNMENT FORM (may be found in either Traffic or Criminal Divisions)

This form is just like it sounds. Fill out this form if you need the bond refund check to be made out to someone else so that the check may go to the person you would like; such as your atty, or whomever posted your bond for you. You must show your ID to prove you are the owner of the bond.


  • Misdemeanor: $112.50
  • Felony: $289.50

Crime Victims Compensation

C, D, E
A, B

If Case Moved From Associate Court To Circuit Court (Boundover)
If Case Moved From Circuit Court To Associate Court (Remanded)
Add: $15.00

For Felonies That Are:
  • Chapt 195. Statutes Or The Charge Is An Unclassified Drug Charge (No A, B, C, D, E. Level Specified In The Charge Code.)
  • Add: $30.00.

Late Fee: For Any Case Not Paid In Full Within 30 Days Of Disposition
Add: $25.00

**NOTE** - Any Case Not Paid Within The Specified Time Length Will Be Placed On Debt Collection..

For more Court Costs and Fees, please visit Criminal & Traffic Court Costs and Filing Deposits & Other Fees

More FAQ

  • When is my court date?
  • What am I charged with?
  • Do I have a Warrant?
  • How much is my Bond?
  • Can I post cash or can I get a Bondsman?
  • How much court costs do I owe
  • What division do I go to?
  • Can I pay online?
  • Can someone come in to the courtroom with me? (at this time the answer is no)
The website Missouri Case.net link can be found on https://www.courts.mo.gov/. Click on the Case.net icon Case.net can supply you with answers to the above questions as well as a list of everything that has happened at your court dates in date order.

  • Access your case(s) by clicking on Litigant Name Search and entering your name,
  • or click on Case Number Search using your case number.
  • If you see a PAY BY WEB icon located on your case, you can pay by web.

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