Documents Needed to File a Family Law Case
with the Clay County Circuit Clerk

These items are required to process the filing of a new case.

  1. Filing Information Sheet1 (form 292) - original and two copies
  2. Filing Fee - cash or money order only
  3. Original petition or motion2 two hole punched at top. If document is more than one page it must be stapled in the upper left corner. Also two copies.
  4. Form 171 (minor children) - original and two copies
  5. Self-addressed, stamped envelope
  6. Documents for notification of other parties:
    • Check payable to Sheriff in county where party(s) to be served
    • OR
    • Motion and Order for Special process server1 (form 112 or 251)

    Missouri law RS 506.120 requires that a summons must be issued unless an entry is submitted by other parties. If you do not want notification to a party you must submit:

    • Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service (notarized)
    • OR
    • The party's Original Answer1 (notarized)

These items are ALSO required to process the filing of a Dissolution.

  • MO Dept of Health Certificate of Dissolution1 - two copies

Additional forms are required depending on the nature of your case.

Consult Supreme Court and local court rules.

  • Litigant Awareness Program3 certificate (if self-represented)
  • COPE parent orientation program certificate (minor children)
  • Statement of Income and Expenses2
  • Statement of Property and Debts2
  • Parenting Plan (minor children)2
  • Form 14 - child support calculation (children under 21)2
  • Judgment2

1 These forms are available on this website. Family law forms approved by the Missouri Supreme Court can be obtained at

2 Free forms approved by the Missouri Supreme Court for use in family law cases by self-represented persons are available at Please note, the forms you fill out will be reviewed by the judge assigned to your case. They may not be accepted if they are not complete, are not completed correctly, or fail to comply with the law.

3 If you are representing yourself you are required to complete the litigant awareness program available at You must submit the Judgment to the court for review before a court date will be set. Make a note of the Division number to which your case is assigned. Call the Division Clerk to check on the status of your case after all required documents are filed and approved.