Circuit Court

Contact Information

For general court information please call 816-407-3900

Judge Division Telephone
Honorable Shane T. Alexander I 816-407-3910
Honorable Janet Sutton
II 816-407-3920
Honorable K. Elizabeth Davis III 816-407-3930
Honorable David P. Chamberlain
IV 816-407-3940
Honorable Alisha O'Hara
V 816-407-3950
Honorable Karen L. Krauser VI 816-407-3960
Honorable Louis Angles VII 816-407-3970
Honorable Sherrill Roberts
(Family Court Commissioner)
VIII 816-407-3980
Honorable Timothy J. Flook
IX 816-407-3990

Secretary to the Presiding Judge

Denise Banning
Building:James S. Rooney Justice Center
Address:11 South Water Street
Liberty, Missouri 64068
Email: Denise dot Banning at courts dot mo dot gov

Other Information