Guardian ad Litem


The standards are on the Supreme Court of Missouri website.

Implementation Plan

In recognizing that Missouri children have the right to adequate and effective representation in child welfare cases, the Seventh Judicial Circuit provides the following as a plan for implementation of the guardian ad litem Standards.

  1. The Seventh Judicial Circuit shall disseminate the Standards on its court website and keep a copy posted in the civil records department of the circuit court. Each division that addresses family court division matters shall be provided with a copy of the Standards for reference when needed.
  2. The Judge or Commissioner of each division shall select and appoint guardians ad litem for appropriate cases from a list that is developed of qualified attorneys. The list shall be kept by the secretary to the presiding judge.
  3. The list of approved guardians ad litem shall be maintained by the secretary to the presiding judge.
  4. Guardian ad litem training may be provided by any qualified entity approved by The Missouri Bar for providing continuing legal education training and shall be accredited by the Judicial Education Committee.
  5. An affidavit showing proof of training shall be submitted to secretary to the presiding judge at the circuit court by guardian ad litem on or before July 31 of each year as provided by the guardian ad litem Standards. This affidavit shall also acknowledge that the guardian ad litem has reviewed the Guardian ad Litem Standards.
  6. The local rules and processes have been reviewed, and no modification in either is necessary at the present time to effectively implement this plan.
  7. The Seventh Judicial Circuit shall review this plan annually to determine the need for modifications necessary to assure the continued effectiveness of the guardian ad litem Standards.

Dated this 26th day of April, 2011.

/s/Alisha O'Hara
Presiding Judge


Denise Banning, Executive Secretary
Office of Presiding Judge
11 South Water, Room 4330
Liberty, Missouri 64068