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Building:James S. Rooney Justice Center
Address:11 South Water Street
Liberty, Missouri 64068
Email: civil at circuit7 dot net


Name / DescriptionForm NumberLast RevisedFile Type
Adult Abuse/Stalking Petition for Order of ProtectionAA40  unknown icon
Appeal BondCV1007/31/2006 PDF icon
Application and Order for Service by Publication of NoticeCV2008/18/2009 PDF icon
Application for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem / Next Friend for MinorCV3505/31/1995 PDF icon
Application for Trial De NovoCV5001/18/2019 PDF icon
Application for Trial De Novo for Rent and Possession Cases OnlyCV50RP01/18/2019 PDF icon
Application for Trial De Novo for Small Claims CasesCV50SC08/28/2014 Microsoft Word icon
Application to Release Funds from RestrictionCV41010/12/2017 PDF icon
Authentication - Judicial Records and ProceedingsCV6002/28/2001 PDF icon
Case Types List  unknown icon
Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage02/20/2007 PDF icon
Civil Case Information Form Supplement05/29/2008 PDF icon
Confidential Case Filing Information Sheet - Domestic Relations CasesFI-10  unknown icon
Confidential Case Filing Information Sheet - Domestic Relations Cases - Adult Abuse/StalkingFI-1504/17/2012 PDF icon
Confidential Case Filing Information Sheet - Non-Domestic RelationsFI-05  unknown icon
Counterclaim Small Claims CourtSC1001/14/2008 PDF icon
Dismissal - Associate CourtCV100004/24/2014 Microsoft Word icon
Dismissal - Small Claims CourtSC3004/24/2014 Microsoft Word icon
Entry of Appearance51101/31/2011 PDF icon
Execution/Garnishment/Sequestration Application and OrderCV9201/22/2019 PDF icon
Family Court Information Sheet (Form 17)1702/20/2007 PDF icon
Guidelines for Interrogatories12/03/2009 Microsoft Word icon
In Your Child's Best Interest Flyer  PDF icon
In Your Child's Best Interest Handbook  unknown icon
In Your Child's Best Interest Parenting Plan Order  PDF icon
Interrogatories to GarnisheeCV11008/21/2018 PDF icon
Judgment (for Petition for Review of SATOP Assessment)CV13604/30/1998 PDF icon
Judgment Debtor's Claim for ExemptionCV96  unknown icon
Judgment MemoCV12010/31/1994 PDF icon
Mechanics' / Materialmen's Lien13011/25/2009 PDF icon
Motion and Affidavit in Support of Request to Proceed As a Poor PersonGN1011/18/2015 PDF icon
Motion for Order Appointing Special Process Server11209/16/2009 PDF icon
Motion for Order to Post / Order for Posting (Rent & Possession)16305/25/2007 PDF icon
Motion To Vacate, Set Aside Or Correct The Judgment Or Sentence *** FOR CRIMINAL JUDGMENTS ONLY ***CV14507/15/2008 PDF icon
Notice of Appeal - Civil07/08/2019 PDF icon
Notice of Filing of Foreign JudgmentCV17010/31/1999 PDF icon
Notice Upon Order for Service by PublicationCV19004/30/1999 PDF icon
Order to Establish Record of BirthCV31510/31/2005 PDF icon
Parenting PlanCAFC501  unknown icon
Party Types List  unknown icon
Petition for Establishing Record of BirthCV31010/31/2005 PDF icon
Petition for Expungement of Arrest RecordsCR14506/29/2007 PDF icon
Petition for Review of a SATOP Assessment Assignment RecommendationCV13508/31/2002 PDF icon
Petition of Landlord for Recovery of Possession for Non-Payment of Rent10806/10/2015 PDF icon
Petition Small Claims CourtSC4008/02/2007 PDF icon
Request for Alias Summons16205/25/2007 PDF icon
Request for Interpreter/Translator08/09/2011 PDF icon
Satisfaction of JudgmentCV25004/23/2014 Microsoft Word icon
Satisfaction of Judgment - Small Claims CourtSC6004/23/2014 Microsoft Word icon
Show Cause Order (Service to DFT/RES)CV27504/30/2003 PDF icon
Show Cause Order (Service to PLT/PET)CV27604/30/2003 PDF icon
Statement of Income & ExpensesCV10005/30/2007 PDF icon
Statement of Marital and Non-Marital Assets and DebtsCV10505/30/2007 PDF icon
Subpoena - Order to Appear / Produce Documents / Give DepositionsCR19004/15/2016 PDF icon

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