Division V: Judge Alisha O'Hara


All routine motions, those that normally take only a few minutes, can be scheduled on the following dates:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 9:00 AM.

If the motion will likely take more than 30 minutes, another time can be specifically set on Thursday afternoon beginning at 1:30 PM. When scheduling an extended motion hearing, please inform the clerk of approximately how long you anticipate the hearing lasting so that other motion hearings can be scheduled accordingly.

Please follow Missouri and local rules on contacting opposing counsel on availability prior to filing the Notice of Hearing.


Bench trials are set on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10:00 AM.

No trial involving contested issues relating to the custody of children will be heard until there has been compliance with Local Court Rule 68.8.1.


Pretrial Conferences will be held on Friday mornings.

Currently they are set every 15 minutes beginning at 8:30 AM and are held on the phone.*


In any case in which a Judgment will be entered the Judgment must be provided prior to the case being set for hearing.


  1. Division 5 will be accepting uncontested/default dissolutions and modifications via affidavit providing all required documentation has been filed and the Judgment has been approved. See requirements below.*
    1. Uncontested
      1. Joint affidavit stating testimony normally given in court
      2. Financial documents shall be filed prior to request for Judgment via affidavit
      3. Approved Judgment
      4. If one party is pro se, that party must fulfill the pro se compliance requirement and file certificate of completion prior to request for Judgment via affidavit
      5. If the dissolution involved children, both parties are required to complete the COPE course (or online equivalent) and provide certificate of completion prior to request for Judgment via affidavit
*Denotes change in procedure due to COVID19.