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Clay County Parenting Court occurs exclusively in Division 8 of the Family Court, at the Clay County Courthouse. It is presided over by the Family Court Commissioner, Sherrill Roberts.

I am very proud of our overall approach, as well the work we have done to develop and grow the Parenting Court program in Clay County. I am especially pleased that we have been able to increase the amount of child support we collect through our unique enforcement efforts at no additional cost to the taxpayers of Clay County.
-The Honorable Sherrill Roberts, Family Court Commissioner and presiding judicial officer over the Parenting Court Program.

For Comparison Purposes

For Fiscal Year 2018

- Statewide average collection/case/month:

- Parenting Court average collection/case/month:



Before vs. During - Parenting Court Graduates

- Payments* made in the year prior to entering Parenting Court:

- Payments* made while in the Parenting Court Program:

- Increase:

* May include credits/involuntary captures, etc.



⇡ $42,718.99


Before vs. During

- In the year prior to entering Parenting Court, eventual Parenting Court graduates as a class, were paying, on average, 51% of current support owed.

- In the year during Parenting Court, eventual Parenting Court graduates as a class, paid ⇡ 112% of current support owed.

Our Goal

The goal of Parenting Court is to increase the consistency of child support payments non-custodial parents make on their support cases...

How It Works

The Clay County Parenting Court Program is completely voluntary, and applies to cases in the following circumstances...

Frequenly Asked Questions

What cases are eligible for Parenting Court?...


Feedback from successful graduates...

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