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Testimonials from Successful Graduates of Parenting Court

Yes. I was able to settle my arrearage and now have become the primary care taker of my son.

Yes. I feel the program, although difficult at times, was very positive influence in making parenting a priority in my life.

Yes. By learning to live as a better person, and make correct choices.

I think that the most helpful part of the program is getting to understand how I can be an asset to the community to better myself and my family.

You showed me direction, and purpose. I never knew what I was supposed to do.

It gave me understanding of emotional response, how to still be a dad in difficult situations, how to set goals and prioritize my life, better decision making skills, never give up hope.

Yes. There are people that care. Took me 19 years and a felony conviction to find those people...

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Our Goal

The goal of Parenting Court is to increase the consistency of child support payments non-custodial parents make on their support cases...

How It Works

The Clay County Parenting Court Program is completely voluntary, and applies to cases in the following circumstances...

Frequenly Asked Questions

What cases are eligible for Parenting Court?...

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