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Division VI: Judge Karen L. Krauser

COVID-19 Warning

Please read Presiding Judge’s Order the Circuit7 Website,

All parties, staff, Deputy and judge will be required to wear masks/face coverings. Masks should cover both nose and mouth. Failure to cover both could result in removal from the courthouse.

If you cannot attend your court date

  • If you are unable to appear due to illness, quarantining, or other legitimate reason, please contact the court at least 24 hours prior to your court date. You may be given permission to appear via WebEx (Video Conferencing or phone). Please contact the Court Clerk for more information at 816-407-3960 or email for a link to
  • CRIMINAL CASES-Failing to appear your court date could result in the issuance of an arrest warrant in criminal cases.
  • CIVIL CASES-Plaintiffs failing to appear at their court date could result in the case being dismissed. Defendants failing to appear at their court date could result in a default judgment being entered.


  • Link for Virtual Court on WebEx (starting June 7, 2021)

    Meeting link:
    Meeting number: 968 314 856

    Join by video system
    Dial and enter your host PIN 0539.
    You can also dial and enter your meeting number..

    Join by phone: +1-408-418-9388 United States Toll
    Access code: 968 314 856.

  • You can look to for updates to virtual court or court closures.
  • Only parties are allowed to address the court unless specifically requested by a party or court.
  • Please mute your phone or computer until your case is called.
  • Please dress appropriately as if you are coming to court.
  • Please find a quiet place to conduct the videoconferencing.
  • You are ordered not to record the proceeding. Supreme Court Rules prohibit any recording of the proceeding except by official court reporters.


With new COVID-19 procedures, we are attempting to social distance and not transfer paper between the court and parties. All exhibits should be emailed to the opposing party and the court (

If you are unable to scan or email, you must bring three copies (for you, opposing party, and the Judge). This includes all pictures.

If you have videos or recordings, you must bring a player to court. The Court cannot accept phones, USBs, or thumb drives.


Mondays       09:00 AM - Smithville Docket / Trials
02:00 PM - Arraignments (Criminal Court)
02:30 PM - Municipal Dockets, Criminal Docket calls, Hearings/Trials

Tuesday        09:00 AM - Criminal Docket with Private Attorneys
10:00 AM - Bond Hearings
01:30 PM - Criminal Docket with Public Defenders
02:00 PM - Arraignments

Wednesday   09:00 AM - Landlord Tenant Cases
09:30 AM - Unlawful Detainer Cases
10:00 AM - Motions on Rent and Possession Cases/Unlawful Detainer Cases
02:00 PM - Arraignments (Criminal Court)
02:30 PM - Preliminary Hearings/Trials on any type of case

Thursday      09:00 AM - Docket calls Civil Docket/Landlord Tenant Cases (if necessary)
      Trials and hearing on any time of case
02:00 PM - Arraignments (Criminal Court)
02:30 PM - Preliminary Hearings and Trials on any time of cases

Fridays          09:00 - AM Preliminary Hearings and Trials on any time of cases
02:00 PM Preliminary Hearings and Trials


Failing to appear your court date could result in the issuance of an arrest warrant. If an emergency has occurred, you may contact the clerk at 816-407-3960 prior to the court hearing. A videoconference may be scheduled instead of personal appearance.

If you have failed to appear in court and have a FTA warrant, you may be able to appear at a time arranged with the Court to recall the warrant. Please call the Court Clerk at 816-407-3960 to schedule the date and time. Please have your case number ready. Do not come to court at unscheduled times expecting to have your warrant recalled. A prosecutor must be present for the judge to call your case.



    • The Center for Disease Control and the Presiding Judge of Clay County have issued moratoriums on evictions until 12/31/20. Please read both orders:
      - Temporary halt in residential evictions to prevent the further spread of covid-19
      - Presiding Judge Order
    • Landlords must complete Form #1 in every eviction case, If a Tenant proves landlord or Plaintiff’s attorney with Form #2, Plaintiff/Landlord must notify the Court.
    • Tenants may complete Form #2 if they have been effected financially by COVID-19,
    • Copies of the executed Form #2 must be provided to the Landlord/Plaintiff.
    • For further protection, tenants may also file the form in his/her court case by giving an executed copy to the Circuit Clerk’s Office at 11 S. Water Liberty, MO 64068.
    • Pursuant to the Presiding Judge Order on Moratorium on Evictions, all eviction judgments must include:
      1. The grounds for the judgment (lack of payment of rent),
      2. Whether the grounds for judgment are subject to the CDC Order and Presiding Judge’s Order, and
      3. Court finds that the Plaintiff has complied with both Orders.


    You can track your case and receive email/text reminders of your court date. Directions for "Track This Case"
    1. Go to Missouri at
    2. Enter case number or litigant name
    3. Click “Track This Case” for desired cases
    4. Provide your email address and mobile phone number (optional)
    5. Enter special characters in verification box
    6. Click “Track This Case”.

Judge Karen L. Krauser
Division VI - Associates Cases
Judicial Assistant: Melanie B. Ramirez
Tel: 816-407-3960